Teachers Notebook User Guide
This is the new one Welcome to the Teachers Notebook Help System. It is designed as a destination for you to learn everything you need to know about using this site. To use the Help System simply click on any of the items listed on the left hand side of this page. This will display the contents of the selected section and let you view screenshots to walk you through each section. If you do not find the answers you are looking for, please contact support for assistance.
The Basics
What is Teachers Notebook?
How do I open a shop?
How do I create a FREE account?
How do I login?
What if I forgot my username?
What if I forgot my password?
Setting up Shop
Getting started
Your shop appearance
About Your shop
Grades and categories
Defining your shop policies
Setting up PayPal or Dwolla
Shop setup issues
Managing Items
-Managing your shop items
-How do I create a item?
-How do I price my items?
-How do I add an item?
-How do I edit an item?
-How do I delete an item?
-What are Featured Items?
-How do I create video about an item?
Managing Orders
-How do the order process work?
-How do I view my orders?
-How do I view my sales statistics?
-How do I email my buyers?
Running Promotions
-What promotions are available?
-How do I run a sale?
-How do I run agiveaway promotion?
Favorites & Followers
-What are favorites?
-How do I view my shop followers?
-How do I view my item followers?
-How do I view my blog followers?
-How do I email my followers?
Marketing to Members
-How do I communicate with members?
-How do I contact buyers?
-How do I contact followers?
Ratings & Feedback
-What are ratings and feedback?
-How do I view my feedback?
-How do I respond to feedback?
-What do I do when feedback is negative?
Promoting My Shop
-What methods can I use?
-How do I promote my shop?
-How do I promote an item?
-How do I promote my blog?
-How do I promote a sale?
-How do I promote a giveaway?
-Are there links I can put on my blog?
-What a shop widgets?
Shop Videos
-Why record a video?
-How do I record a video?
-How do I assign a video?
I didn't get an email to reset my password.
My login name isn't being recognized.
My product didn't download.
I can't print my item.
My credit card / paypal was charged incorrectly.
Contacting Support
How do I contact support?
Web Statistics